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  • Crocheting can be really rewarding with this quick and easy project! Crochet your cute little amigurumi frogs and toads to give away or sell on small craft fairs. That's right, these make the perfect amigurumi for small craft fairs.


    Level: Beginner



    - 2mm crochet hook

    - Black 5mm safety eyes

    - Embroidery needle for tucking in ends

    - Cotton Yarn Anna & Clara by Sostrene Grene – Brown, ocher yellow for toads

    - For the green frog I used Alpaca yarn by Drops Design. Green, yellow and pink.

    - Black thin/embroidery thread

    - Polyfill stuffing

    - Sharp scissors

    - Strong glue (I use transparant Bison Kit contact glue to glue safety eyes and Liqui-Stitch fabric glue for anything crocheted onto the body)

    - Keychain strap or ring is optional


    This PDF crochet pattern comes with 7 pages guiding you with written instructions in US terminology and lots of photos.
    Finished product measures about 3,5cm(1.38").


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    Frogs & Toads

    SKU: frogs and toads pattern
    • This is a digital English crochet PDF pattern. Not a physical item!

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