A little about me

"Art is my passion and my passion can be found in my artwork."
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Since I was a very little child I've been crocheting almost every day. Often wondering how I could show other people a little bit of my fantasy world.
Crocheting little critters has become my passion and only after I turned 18 I noticed this was called Amigurumi in Japanese.
Embracing Asian culture I started my journey!


Right now I'm studying to become a teacher in Fine Arts and some of my classes have helped me a lot. Philosophy is one of my favourite classes and somehow I use what I learn to give my dolls expressions on their faces.

     In my spare time I enjoy my time by designing new patterns, draw, do Pencak Silat (Indonesian martial arts) and work on my webshop and website.

I'd love to teach people to be more confident in what they love to do by writing helpful blog posts and explain as much techniques as I can in my crochet patterns.


As you may have noticed already, I always come up with original doll patterns that are unique and have great facial expressions!

The dolls that I sell are sold as art dolls so they may not be suited for babies but do great on a shelf in a nursery room, teenage room, make great pieces for doll collectors and even make the greatest memorable gifts you can give a loved one, no matter their age!


What makes Crochet Happy Plushie different is that the items sold in the shop are very unique and often one of a kind. All the plushies and dolls are cute and highly detailed as well. Only the best quality of materials are used to make the dolls and plushies and I'm constantly on the lookout for better materials. So, feel free to ask for a certain brand of yarn or supply for me to crochet your doll with and I'll look for it.

Where do I see myself in three years from now?

Hopefully I will be able to turn my website and shop into a full time business and continue doing what I do love, making people happy with my artwork!

I am planning to branch out to illustrations in the future but I need funding to be able to spend more time and money on materials, so please support me on Patreon by donating as much/less money as you want to help me grow. It would mean the WORLD to me!

In exchange you'll receive rewards. Take a look at the page under rewards!


We do ship worldwide so feel free to order anything you like!






If you'd like to buy anything you see on this website, just contact me through the webform by clicking here or visit our shop.
When the requested item cannot be found I'll list it in my shop.





With every purchased doll comes a luxury packaging and my personal wax seal to make you feel like royalty!




I will ship the item immediately after I have received payment on my account. As soon as the item has been shipped out, there will be no responsibility from my end, because I don't control the postal company.
Please contact your local postal company/service if your item hasn't been delivered to you between the estimated time period!
Keep in mind that sometimes packages may be delivered to your neighbour's house.
You can always contact me so we can figure it out together. :)
I take no returns, because everything is handmade and has been checked carefully. I always send a small note on how to take care of the item so it can last for a very long time to come!




Remember that many items in my shop are no toys to be played with. Consider some of them as figurines. If you were to buy a toy but are not sure wether the item is a toy or an art doll, contact me and ask me. :) I only want happy customers so I'll help you out!





You can contact me via this page.

Please read the FAQ, your questions may be on that page. :)






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