About the yarn
1. What kind of yarn do you crochet with?
Mostly I crochet with certain brands of acrylic and cotton yarn but everything is possible. If you'd like a certain plushie to be made with cotton, contact me and I'll work on it.

2. Do prices rise up when particular types of yarns are used?
YES, they do!!
I use good quality yarn, but some brands are just more expensive than others and every yarn has its own qualities.
Cotton breathes while acrylic doesn't. Cotton is mostly used for baby blankets and dolls.
Acrylic is used for soft dolls, doll clothing and plushies and can give an awesome effect when brushed!
The best yarn I've come across is the brand Alize. Contact me if you'd like certain types of yarn.

3. How long does it take to make a certain doll/plushie?
It really depends on the type of doll. Some take about 5 hours to create but most of them over 20 hours.

4. Is it possible to order a 1 meter doll/plushie?
Yes it is! Although it would take a much longer time to create and much more supplies as well. Just contact me if you're thinking about a 1 meter doll.

Custom orders
5. Can I order something that cannot be found on this website or Facebook?

YES, you can! Just ask me what you'd like me to crochet for you and we'll work it out.

6. Can I order items in different colours than shown in the pictures?
Yep, you can. Contact me and we'll talk about it!
(I have almost every colour that you can think of...)

7. I have a drawing that I'd like you to crochet. Is that possible?
Again, yes it is. I only crochet drawn characters in chibi style in 13 to 30 cm in height. Chibi is a cute and small form of your character, so it'll be cute!

8. How much do you ask for shipping?

That really depends on the postal service. Contact me and I'll look it up for you or simply add an item to your shipping basket to see the costs.

Track&Trace is only optional and starts from 14,95 euro. Contact me if you want to add that to your order.

9. Do you allow returns?
Not on handmade to order. Every object has been carefully checked and I know I only sell high quality items. When an item is used correctly, it won't break and you can enjoy it for many years to come!

10. Are your items suited for children? (toys)
Contact me if you want to know if an item is suited for children or babies.

Please contact me if there are any questions. :)

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