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How to Create Flat Shoes - Every Time!

Creating pretty shoes for your dolls but then after stuffing you realise they bulge. This issue is what most amigurumi makers experienced at least a few times and haven't figured how how to fix it. In frustration you just give up on the idea to hope it'll work out better next time...

There's a super easy trick that solves the issue right away, though!

Today, I'm sharing with you what works best for me. For years I've tried cutting out thick paper, using glue, cardboard and even yoghurt lids. All these options may work for some but they didn't for me. They aren't sturdy enough and paper and cardboard won't be water resistent at all which means your hard work might get ruined when you spill a drop of water or you can't wash your amigurumi creation when needed.

For this trick you'll only need a pair of scissors and a cheap but sturdy placemat from your dollar store or supermarket. Crochet the sole of the shoe and trace around it on a piece of placemat. Cut it out and that's basically it!

Recently I've started to stack up 2 pieces of plastic soles to make the shoes/feet even sturdier. No need to glue them together or to the sole. At least not when you follow my crochet patterns.

This method is such an easy way of solving a huge(at least for me) problem. It'll make it easier for your doll to stand on its own feet as well! :)

The stuffing or wires you use will keep the plastic soles down but do glue them down with strong glue if that works best for your project.

Let me know how this works out for you and comment below if you have tips and tricks of your own to share with us!

Suggestions for future how-to's are welcome too.

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1 Comment

Josephin Bierstedt
Josephin Bierstedt
5 days ago


I just discovered your page and I fell in love with those shoes 😍 that’s why I anted to ask, if you have a pattern for them 🥰

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