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Noelle is ready for Winter!

Chilly winter is on our doorstep and what better way to celebrate the change of weather?

It's been a very long time since I designed a crochet pattern due to medical reasons but I couldn't resist the urge to crochet a very cute doll that resembles me and probably a lot of others out there. The cold really has an effect on me and thus began the making of cute little Noelle.

Her chunky beanie, fashionable scarf and the blushes on her face are all side effects of winter!

Noelle is about 14cm tall without beanie and 19cm with beanie. I added a metal wire frame inside the body to make her poseable and sturdy but she can be made without one as well or just with pipe cleaners.

You can find Noelle's crochet pattern in the shop.


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