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Miyu Crochet Pattern

Miyu crochet pattern by crochet happy plushie

Miyu is my latest crochet pattern and so much fun to make!

This adorable crochet amigurumi doll is real beauty. She's very much into caring about her kawaii looks and trying on new dresses. Don't forget to take her places and her daily hugs!

She's tiny, about 10-12cm in height. Feel free to use other brands of yarn and crochet hook sizes. Miyu's pattern is 11 pages long and includes photos and drawings to guide you through the process.

As you may have noticed, I've been crocheting with my new all time favourite Scheepjes yarn It's mercerised cotton from the line Maxi BonBon, Sweet Treat and Sugar Rush. All exactly the same yarn but for some reason some colours have different names.

Perfect yarn to crochet tiny amigurumi but feel free to use any other cotton yarn for this project.

Have fun making her and many more dolls to come!

You'll find Miyu's crochet pattern here.


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