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Cute little Mozart

A complete new pattern of a mini Shia Doll Mozart.

I was inspired by Mozart after listening to his music on YouTube and accidentally started to think of how cute it'd be if I could have my own little amigurumi Mozart doll. After drawing a bit and and searching for the right colours to make him, this little guy popped out of my crochet hook!

His legs are poseable although I don't explain how I do the wiring in this particular pattern. You can use pipe cleaners or regular thin metal wire to make it like my Mozart. Make sure your hands are clean of any oils and water before you handle metal or pipe cleaners. It will be so much easier to twist wire with clean hands!

Use those yellow paper/paint tape to wrap around the wire to protect it from sticking out. Not needed when you use pipe cleaners though.

For this pattern you can use any yarn you'd like although I prefer cotton and a size 1,9mm. crochet hook.

The pattern is now available in US English terms are very easy to follow. Visit the crochet pattern shop to purchase it.

The actual finished doll can no longer be purchased but you can make your own. This

crocheted art doll makes such a great gift for any music lover, teacher, professor. These unique little dolls have always done great when I gave them to my friends and left an impression on them as well.

I'm thinking about creating more patterns of famous people, let me know what you think and feel free to share your ideas in the comments!

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