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Crochet Pattern Lily the Hamburger

Who doesn't love a juicy hamburger once in a while? Wouldn't it be perfect if it didn't make you unhealthy?

Why not crochet a deliciously cute amigurumi doll that looks just like a hamburger?

Meet Lily

Lily is my latest work and took me 2 months to design. So much trial and error were involved this time. No worries though. Lily turned out way better than I could ever dream!

So how did I come up with the idea to design an amigurumi hamburger doll?

Easy. I first failed at designing 3 other crochet patterns due to stress and an art block but when I went to Mac Donald with family, it all came to me. I ordered a chilli burger(my favourite a chickenburger, lettuce, chilli sauce and a bun) and stared at it.

I don't know if it is the artist in me but I always stare at everything, look for details in textures of, in this case, the bun, colours, etc. At that moment and time I was imagining what it'd be like if tiny, 2 millimetre people would stand next to my burger.. Strange, right?

What would those people do? Eat the burger? How? What would they look like? I had no clue but fantasising at that moment was fun.

This all took some time but luckily I was sitting in the back of the car while it was raining buckets of water outside.

Later that night I woke up and an image of Lily popped up in my head. Great ideas often come in our sleep - It's true!

The next two months I kets on working on Lily. Her hair colour changed three times and I

broke two 1,5mm hooks until I bought my first Clover hook. Fortunately, still alive and kicking.

One other problem was that I didn't have all the yarn colours from Scheepjes Maxi Bonbon and Sugar Rush of course, I had to re-order 2 times.

Eventually Lily became such an adorable hamburger that I fell in love with her and made her many more clothes.

I hope you like the details I shared. Sometimes people ask me about my designing progress and I hope this clears things up. Keep your mind open and dare to experiment, waste yarn until you are happy with the results.

This crochet pattern is easy for advanced beginners and up. Please contact me if there are any questions and I'll guide you through the pattern.

Thank you everyone for your support. Your messages and comments support me so much!❤


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