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Among Us Free Crochet Pattern!

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

The game Among Us seems to have captured many hearts during the pandemic. With good reason!

Among Us is a similar game to Werewolf where you need to find out who the imposter is that sabotages the game. It really tests your friendships!

This keychain size amigurumi pattern is a simple one that you can easily experiment with and adjust to your liking. Crochet your own little Among Us imposters for your friends and family!

The following pattern is written in US terminology and I used mercerised cotton by Scheepjes - Sweet Treat - hook size 1,5mm. Feel free to use any yarn and hook size you like.

List of materials

- Colour of choice for body

- Grey yarn

- Black yarn

- Polyester stuffing

- Embroidery needle

- Glue


Make 2

1: sc6 in mr 6

2: *inc* 12

3-6: sc around x4 12

Cut yarn, make second leg

Don’t cut yarn of second leg.

Chain3, connect with first leg with a sc.

Place marker and continue with body.

7: sc11 in leg, sc3 in ch, sc12 in leg, sc3 in ch, sc 30

8-21: sc around x14 30

Start stuffing.

22: *sc3, dec* 24

23: *sc2, dec* 18

24: *sc, dec* 12

25: *dec* 6

Cut yarn, sew hole closed


Grey yarn

1: ch8 8

2: inc, sc5, inc, sc5 14

3: inc, inc, sc5, inc, inc, sc5 18

4: sc around 18

Switch to black

5: sc around 18

Cut yarn, glue or sew onto body.


Pink yarn

1 ch16 16

2 inc, inc, sc11, inc, inc, sc11 30

3 sc around x9 30

Stuff lightly and cut yarn, close opening. Glue

Or sew backpack onto body.

Have fun and feel free to tag me on social media with your own little imposters!

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Lily bug Studios
Lily bug Studios
Nov 12, 2020

This is so cool! So exited too test it out


Nov 07, 2020

I tried that but it didn’t look right, it looked too big.


Amery Smith Barth
Amery Smith Barth
Nov 07, 2020

I’m struggling as well...I’m understanding it as follows:

ch16 then 2sc in 1st st, 2sc in next st, 1sc in each of next 11sts. So I’m getting 15 by the end of the first row, but am I supposed to continue the last 11sts on the other side?


Nov 06, 2020

Hi, I’m really struggling to understand how to make the backpack, you ch16 and inc x2 then 11sc but that only makes 13 stitches not 15 and if you continue into the other side it’s uneven. And with row 3 how do you get down to 9sts from 30? I hope you can help as my daughters loves Among Us.

Louise Bennington
Louise Bennington
Oct 24, 2022
Replying to

It's the way the row is written,

Row 1: ch16

Row 2: Increase in the first 2 st (2sc in each) then sc in the next 11 st, then increase in the next 2 st (2sc in each).

Row 3: sc around 9 times.

I'm not sure whether it's joined at the end of the first row, or worked as a rectangle then sewn together.

(I've yet to actually make it, this was just how I have interpreted it)

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