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10k followers - New pattern! Vintage Bear Sofie

We celebrate today!

We've reached over 10.000 followers on Instagram in less than a year! Ofcourse this needs to be celebrated, so I designed a classy amigurumi vintage pattern of Sofie the bear.

AND..... I'm giving away 10 coupons to get 10% off of your order when you purchase Sofie's crochet pattern!

This coupon code will first get distributed to my subscribers, so if you aren't subscribed to my newsletter yet, please do. You'll always be the first to enjoy reading deals, upcoming patterns, etc.

I designed Sofie in a vintage style to not only give her a cute and classy character but also to make her a great gift for anyone I love. The patches on her body really give her that final touch.

I have kept the design simple enough so she can be finished in just one day.

Sofie has become my last minute present for birthdays and holidays now!

Everyone will love to get a handmade teddy bear like her. Ofcourse there's a lot of room for you to be creative and change the bear to your liking.

Amigurumi Sofie is also available for sale as finished plushie if you can't crochet yourself. Need multiple(10+) Sofie's for a party or special day? Contact me.

There will be more doll patterns coming up in the summer holidays, so stay tuned!

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Pattern is in US English & Dutch/Nederlands


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