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Princess Amy Crochet Pattern

Ahhh the beautiful Amy. The wonderful and sweet Amy - Isn’t she adorable?

So, I was sat watching one of my favourite movies just the other day (can you guess which one?), and as I lay there snuggled up in my blanket fighting the cold as it led the way towards the night, Amy popped into my head.

I leapt up from the comfort of my bed and starting to draw out the sweet Amy, and thought deeply about the wonderful characteristics she could possess. It was not long until those doodles and sketches led me to whip out my yarn and start to play around with various designs and various ideas. It was a long night, but a fun night. A creative night.

And here she is; look how sweet she looks in the palm of my hand.

What about that apple too? She just loves apples – she has such a sweet tooth and loves nothing more than that first bite into a fresh, sweet and juicy apple.

One thing I adore about her is her sweet blushed cheeks. They finish off the sweet and innocent look that Amy should have and has really helped to add character to her face and soul.

You too can have your very own little Amy – one to fit snuggly in your hands and sit on your shelf as you snuggle up to watch your very own favourite movies. Be sure to order your PDF and allow the sweet Amy into your life! Get the crochet pattern and start making your own Amy here.


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