Meet Eliza! Isn't she adorable?
She comes with 3 sets of dresses and two pair of little shoes that can be put on and taken off.

You can also make your own if you know how to crochet and read a pattern(see Etsy shop).

Her whole body is poseable, because it contains a copper wire skeleton so pose her however you like! Crocheted amigurumi doll Aliza is about 22-23cm tall. (8.66 - 9 inch)

Crocheted amigurumi art doll Eliza cannot be washed since her eyes and blush are not completely waterproof. Keep her out of direct sunlight as much as you can to keep her happy for many many years to come! Also keep in mind that this doll should not be handled like a toy. :)

Scottish Eliza Doll

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