These handmade anime eyes will look adorable and cute on your little dolls!
The anime eyes on fabric are 100% high quality cotton and come in a set of 16 pairs of eyes. Some are green, purple, blue, brown, yellow and orange coloured to make your handmade dolls even more unique.
These cotton anime eyes are 1cm.(1") in height. Please contact this shop(CrochetDrama) if you'd like bigger sizes.

* The eyes are NOT waterproof but are very easy to apply!

- Cut the eyes neatly
- Put glue(for fabric or hobby glue) on the eye and stick it onto the head of the crocheted/knitted doll.
- Blow dry the eyes for a minute to make it dry faster.
- Now put some nail polish onto the eyes to finish it off.
The glue and nail polish will make the colour of the eyes much brighter and protect it from damage.
That's it!

*For best results use a Color Show transparant nail polish/varnish from Maybelline to enhance eye colour even more.
Available in DA Drogist stores.

16 pairs of anime eyes on cotton fabric

  • If the fabric arrives a bit wrinkled, just (dry) iron it and it's as good as new!

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