We're looking for you!

I'm looking for crochet pattern testers with amigurumi and crochet pattern experience!


Are you interested in being the first to try out my newest patterns and getting new crochet patterns for free in return for your services? Then please fill out the questions in a Word file and upload them onto Dropbox. :)

With crocheting and designing comes a lot of time spent on testing and double, triple checking on errors. This takes me too much time and would love to give someone else the opportunity to enjoy testing. It may well be that there are no errors at all but I do need fresh eyes on patterns!

I will be needing 2 experienced persons to help me out to;

  • test crochet pattern by crocheting the pattern/doll

  • promote their creations by posting them online in crochet groups on Facebook


Please only apply if you are genuinely interested in helping me out and won't back out once you get a crochet pattern.

How to upload onto Dropbox

  1. Please download the Word file containing questions from the W button.

  2. Answer each question truthfully with photos of your work in the Word file.

  3. Save your Word file as a Word or PDF file and upload this file on this Dropbox. :)

Thank you!

Step 1: Click on W and download file. Edit file. Save as PDF or as Word file.

Step 2: Upload file to DropBox

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