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To make things easier I have set up a Patron Shop where you can pick the rewards you like and let me know on Patreon.


$20 tier

  • A cute handmade keychain or necklace from me - 1x a month

  • 1x art print drawn by me - 1x a month

  • - Thank you card with message - 1x a month

  • - Get the latest crochet pattern that I released

fox hunt kitsunegari Art Print
"Once upon a time, there was a fox hunt"

Beautiful handmade art print made by KigerNeko.
A hunters moon
A Hunter's Moon

Beautiful handmade art print by Kiger Neko
Neko Girl Art Print
Digitally drawn cat girl art print.
Cute anime girl Art Print
Cute art print.
Totoro Earrings
Handmade real silver earrings with Totoro hanging from Studio Ghibli.
No Face Spirited Away Earrings
Real silver earrings with No Face hanging on. Adorable!
Pink Star Keychain
Cute little keychains that will make you blush!
Blue Star Keychain
Stars live up in the skies, so they must be blue, right?
Handmade blue stars to use as keychain.
Chocolate Star Keychain
Love chocolate? Love stars? Get this handmade keychain!
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